“What’s good?”

Noumenon Designs is dedicated to working with Baltimore non-profits focused on mission… more than marketing.


We love graphic design, and we want to help you look great.

But first… we have to tell you a secret.

We can design something pretty.  We can do it fast (if we must).

But to make it GREAT, we need you to participate.

We need to know you.  You need to know you.

We need to know each other.


Branding has grown up.  It’s not just for cattle anymore.

In the social media driven world, understanding the role your brand plays in the minds of
your donors, your volunteers, your staff will help

clarify your message

simplify your image

identify potential partners

turn fans into recruiters

We don’t have to tell you, it’s getting competitive out there.

The notion that your brand is handled by the marketing department is not only out-dated, it’s dangerous.

From top to bottom, from board chair to volunteer, your brand is one of your most valuable assets.

And you have a brand whether you want one or not.

Noumenon Designs’ clients sponsor our nonprofit branding workshops.

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