If there’s anyone who can’t afford to waste money, it’s non-profits.

But, many times, design is the last thing on your mind.

“Brand has less to do with competitive advantage, and more to do with clarifying positioning, which can help collaboration and partnerships that enable the organization to implement its mission and maximize impact.”

Nathalie Laidler-Kylander

We believe Good Work Deserves Great Design.

But you can’t get there with pretty colors and flashy graphics alone.

Every bit of communication outside and inside an organization, should be:

  1. In service to the mission
  2. Consistent in look and voice
  3. Honest

The Noumenon is the Thing In Itself.
The je ne sais quoi.
The ghost in the machine.

We work with representatives INSIDE your organization to get input from all corners, to ferret out your strengths, to find the reason why the people who love your organization love it like they do.  We build consensus to draw a portrait of who you are, making the best of the organizational intelligence hidden in plain sight.

Working collaboratively, we’ll develop a roadmap for how your mission, your voice, your logo, your color scheme all can work together to express who you are and where you are going consistently.

And then… we’ll design for you.  Or someone else can.
But you’ll more efficient in describing who you are to grant making foundations, potential donors, volunteers, program recipients, or even potential partners to maximize community impact.