Besides competing for consumer attention and market share, nonprofits must vie for a diminishing pool of human and financial resources.

The Jossey-Bass Handbook of Nonprofit Leadership and Management

During the economic downturn, there was an explosion of new nonprofits.  Great news for the society, or increased competition for scarce resources?

Well, available funding didn’t exactly explode, so…

What’s a responsible non-profit leader to do?

 The inspiration for our brand workshops is efficiency.

Developing your most valuable intangible asset yields dividends.

Understand how your vision, mission and voice inform and expand what you do best.

Projecting this honest assessment, helps you understand your position in your sector, and identify potential allies.

More and more, funders are encouraging, or even requiring collaboration.

No single organization is responsible for any major social problem, nor can any single organization cure it.

Collective Impact